How to Select a Good Guitar for Your Young One?

There are many long-term benefits of selecting a good guitar for your child. Researches done on Neuroscience has proved that when a child learns a musical instrument, they can enjoy an overall development in their social, emotional and cognitive skills as well as better equipped in their fine motor skills. When you select the right guitar for your kid, you are actually paving a way for the success of your child. Check out some of these tips to choose a good guitar for your young one.

Select a guitar type, which interests your kid greatly

Often, young kids who enroll for guitar lesson in Singapore tend to request for a guitar although they are not specific about whether they want an acoustic or electric instrument. However, if these children come up with a specific request or criteria, it makes sense to know what will inspire them to follow their interest and ways of motivating them. There are some kids who appear to be more satisfied when they get a nylon string or steel string acoustic guitar as they are hopeful of getting an electric guitar later on. There are others who feel motivated when they get the instrument they had dreamt of playing. You need to understand their interest and motivation well so that they are successful with their string instrument.

Choose a guitar of the right size

When you get a very large guitar for your kid, they may find it difficult to reach the instrument properly with both their hands. When they have to raise their arms up to the level of their shoulders to access the guitar, playing it can be both painful and uncomfortable. Plus, they are also at an extremely technical disadvantage since their muscles are all stretched out. It becomes tough to move their fingers properly on the guitar’s fingerboard. In fact, your little one will enjoy the learning experience more when you get a guitar of a proper size for them.

Get a guitar, which has been adjusted and inspected properly for convenient playability

When a guitar is unadjusted, your child will find it tough to play, In case your kid has trouble to push the guitar’s strings down for getting a clear note or is unable to play it all, they cannot experience the cognitive merits associated with learning to play the guitar.

When you purchase entry level and cheap guitars, they are typically made of the substandard quality of materials and woods. Your children may not be comfortable in playing them since the strings could be high above their fingerboards. It will need too much force to be applied against their frets. Such low-quality guitars are hardly adjusted or inspected well.

What We Need to Know About Children Learning the Violin

Music is magic. It can be an inspiration, a teacher, a friend, a memory, a story, etc. It is something that can do lots of wonderful things to a person. Music, ever since the beginning, has been loved by almost everyone. For most of us, we expose our children to music at a very young age. We teach them nursery rhymes and some other songs that can be very helpful as they grow. They will eventually come to love it and hearing them sing and memorize those songs are really adorable. Some parents, however, will try to be more advanced and enroll their children to musical instruments classes which is actually fantastic. However, what could really be the advantage of this to children especially to their brain?

In an article by Emily Gersema, we will know the effect music training in the development of a child’s brain.

Children’s brains develop faster with music training

Music instruction appears to accelerate brain development in young children, particularly in the areas of the brain responsible for processing sound, language development, speech perception and reading skills, according to initial results of a five-year study by USC neuroscientists.

The Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI) at USC began the five-year study in 2012 in partnership with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association and the Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) to examine the impact of music instruction on children’s social, emotional and cognitive development. These initial study results, published recently in the journal Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, provide evidence of the benefits of music education at a time when many schools around the nation have either eliminated or reduced music and arts programs. The study shows music instruction speeds up the maturation of the auditory pathway in the brain and increases its efficiency. Read more here 

Now, we have already proven that a child’s brain develop faster with music training. Therefore, it is really beneficial if we let our children join music classes, especially those which would teach them how to play musical instruments. One of the most common instruments that a child would want to learn, aside from the piano, guitar, and drums, is the violin. It is a stringed instrument that produces a very lovely sound. If we want to enroll our children for violin lessons, we must also know first what our child could get from it.

Celia Ang will explain to us further about the benefits of learning violin for children.

Benefits of Learning Violin for Children

Physical benefits

Just by looking at a violinist, you see how many muscles are required even to draw a note. For a child to learn the violin, they will gain strength and flexibility in their upper body. Playing the violin requires more than just strength. Skills and muscle memory will develop naturally over time, further strengthening their arms and fingers. Honestly, it’s a win-win solution! Posture is another significant benefit of playing the violin. Any violin teacher will insist on teaching the correct playing posture to ensure the best results. This can lead to amazing benefits for the child, including a stronger back, shoulders and upper arms. Sitting or standing upright is a given for playing, while their arms and shoulders will bear the weight of the instrument and bow, making it excellent at developing posture. Read more here 

It was good to know about all that! It was actually surprising that learning how to play the violin could actually do as much as that to a person. It is not just learning and being capable of playing. Instead, it is learning, being capable of playing, and having a healthier mind and body. It is easy for adults to get encouraged to learn how to play the violin after reading that article. What is a bit more challenging is to actually get the children to have these lessons. They may not be so interested because they might want to do other stuff which can make them enjoy more.

Austin will try to help us out through his article about how we could encourage children to play the violin.

How to Encourage Children to Play Violin

You may have dreams of your child learning to play the violin and becoming a musical star but your child may think very differently. Whilst most children love listening and dancing to music, learning to play an instrument does not appeal.  First of all, they may feel that toys and other activities are more appealing or they may think that they do not have the ability to play an instrument. It is your job to encourage your child to take up lessons rather than force them too. We take a look at a few tips that may just help sway your child’s opinion. Read more here 

In today’s generation where technology is greatly influencing and getting the attention of children, trying to encourage them to learn how to play a musical instrument could be difficult. One thing that parents should have is patience, because once the child starts to enjoy playing the instrument, it could already be easier from that part on. Forcing them would not be good because if we let them do things that they don’t really like, it would all be useful. Music has something good to do to our bodies and how going for violin lessons could be beneficial for children. If we have to learn together with our children in order to encourage them, then it’s a good thing. You too can be having all the benefits of playing the violin.

Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend Preschool

Preschool in singapore are designed to set up young scholars for future academic success. Preschools provide the basic foundation that helps your child succeed in the elementary school. The learning process at the preschools is very joyful and entertaining that makes the children learn all the essential skills easily. Following are some reasons why your child needs to attend preschool:

1. Opportunity to Grow

Preschool is usually the first experience of children where they come in contact with a teacher. In this experience, they learn different arts that help them in the later stages of their education as well as their professional life. Preschool is their opportunity to learn to share, learn to collaborate, follow instructions and use the instructions with their own creativity to complete the given project.

2. Preparation for Kindergarten

Preschool prepares the children for the bigger challenge that lies in front of them in shape of a kindergarten school. Preschools teach the initial or basic knowledge of subjects that will be taught in the kindergarten schools. However, the teaching is done in a fun environment.

3. Promotes Social Development

Some children are not very socially active and that is why they need to develop some social skills that can help them in the future. Preschools provide children the opportunity to spend some time without their parents and interact with fellow students where they not only make friends but share ideas as well. Besides the social interaction, children also become emotionally attached to each other that promotes emotional development in them and they tend to learn different behaviors.

4. Children Learn to Stay Independent

Since children are not with their parents at a preschool, they grow in confidence that they can tackle the challenges this world puts in front of them. Moreover, they learn to take care of themselves, their belongings and their fellows as well. One of the best aspects preschool is that they have set rules and timings for every activity. Children become more organized and develop rules in their lives that they follow for the rest of their lives.

5. Introduction to Digital World

Most of the children of preschool age are only aware of games and cartoons that they watch either on TV or on a computer. When they reach preschool, they are introduced to the technologies of the digital world that make them aware of the new trends that prevail in the modern era. Moreover, children learn the art of using the technology beyond just for playing games and watching shows.

These are top 5 reasons of why you need to get your child enrolled in a preschool. Preschools in Singapore provide a lot of facilities in a fun environment that prepares the children for advanced level studies and the future as well. The system of preschool education in Singapore includes all the basic things and skills that your child needs to survive in this competitive world. Not only does the preschools in Singapore provide better educational facilities but teach some other skills as well. Music is also an integral part of the curriculum in preschools in Singapore because music brings smoothness in life and teach the children to perform their tasks in a systematic way.

If you want to give your child a strong base of education, you should consider getting them enrolled in a preschool in Singapore to help them grow as a strong mind that can prosper in this competitive 21st century.

Drumming Is Not Rocket Science! Learn Them Now!

Drumming is not a rocket science neither is it magic. As opposed to some haywire myths about drum classes Singapore, the only question I would ask is this: do you want to play the drums?

Before I do otherwise, let me tell you that drumming requires practice. And if you are enthusiastic about it, and have a reasonable sense of rhythm, it can be perfect in no time.

Whether rocket science or not, for you to be successful at anything, you need to understand how that thing works and so it is with the drum.

Get the following step, and you soon become a pro.

Step#1 Ensure You Play with Groups

Identifying those ahead of you in the drum class would go a long way. It is always a good idea to learn what you can from people more advanced than you. I think that applies to all areas of activity.

Let’s go this way. Most musicians are pleased to have a beginner under their wing, or someone at least they show one or two things.

When I started, I had a friend who had a drum set installed in the basement of his parents. He used to play religiously after school, play bumps and compare notes with him. It put in my hands a real long drum set before I could buy one of my own.

If you are involved in any drums lesson singapore, ensure you are committed to it alongside other drummers.

If you are not yet part of any drum class Singapore, and maybe your are afraid of being labeled as “band geek”?

Instead of you to get away, be part of the football team, and do not bother trying to get that drum. Preferably, you can join other groups and yet still have to play the band.

In my school, there was a test room with a drum set up in it; The room was empty. I looked at a lot of drumming lesson Singapore, but after I chased almost a dozen times, I finally gave up searching and decided to settle for any that I could find helpful.

I took care not to violate any time that was legitimately in the music program; I do not mean being selfish and rude here.

(Of course, the music teacher tried in vain to make me learn the basics and join the drumming lesson Singapores school band, which in hindsight would have been an excellent idea, but I only Learn to play Aerosmith songs and to participate in a rock band. To each his own.)

Step #2 Approach it Practically

Okay, once you have got crossed the first step, it’s time to get your hands set on a real drum set so that you can feel the contact of different drums and cymbals. And then? I must say that the next step is as follows:

Learn a necessary punch to play. You can approach this in different ways. I think the most direct and fastest way would be someone who shows a basic rhythm. Make sure you play them slow enough to understand why and how your hands and feet interact.

As a kid, they had these “home” to cheese organs that had an integrated rhythm box, and there was this pattern called Rock 1. It is the backbone of most rock music.

Once you can play a fundamental rhythm, you can go in two directions, progressively change to any direction and pattern you wish. So drumming lessons Singapore is as simple as that.

Here is another useful article on wikihow that gives some insights into how to play drums

Social groups and how playgroups fit into it

Sociology says that there are mainly two kinds of group in a societyprimary and secondary. A primary group is a small close-knit group with not many members. Family would fall into the category of primary groups. A child is first a part of family and hence is exposed to the dynamics of a primary group from a very young age. A secondary group may be large or small. Members in such groups are not connected personal and may not have a long-lasting relationship. They usually come together because they have a common purpose. A playgroup is an example of such a group. From the family the child goes to the playgroup. Hence the first secondary group that the child is exposed to is the playgroup. Hence it goes without saying that the child is greatly influenced by the playgroup.

Many parents have reservations about sending their child to a playgroups. This is because they think that sending their child to any such pre-kindergarten program will make the child stay away from home for long hours (20 to 40 hours) a day, which will have a negative impact on all that the parents have taught their child. However, it has been proven through research that any such idea is not true and that nothing can substantially dilute parental values. It is also true that at home parents cannot provide the child with the wide range of learning opportunities that a playgroup can. This dilemma of whether they want to get the best of an educare program or they want them to spend maximum time at home becomes a source of anxiety for them.

The group in playgroup:

However, the parent has to apply now or RSVP now to playgroup for the betterment of their child. A playgroup is a transition or middle ground between the home and kindergarten. Here the child receives the warmth of home care and at the same time is also exposed to his or her peers and is a part of a social group that is not his or her family.

Here are a few things that one may need to have a playgroup:

A group of likeminded parents with children of the similar age group in playgroup in singapore .

A place where they can meet and this place should also have a big room to play along with space for outdoor activities.

Some nice assortment of toys for the children to play with.

A fair idea about the developmental needs pf the children who are meeting to play.

Does Lutein Really Help Improve your Eyesight and Cut Back the Years

The time has come where people prefer to eat the right food. Fast food has definitely made its mark felt across the board but an overdose of this causes serious health problems. Over the years with an emphasis made on mixing things up in the kitchen by including fruits, greens and vegetables in the diet many have realized the importance of getting back to basics. By including the carotenoid antioxidant Lutein found in dark green vegetables, red and orange veggies and fruits and eggs, one can actually cut back the years and improve eyesight.

The human body cannot simply adjust itself to this basic diet without the additional add-on of protein, carbohydrates, minerals and many others. Most often than naught having the veggies in the fridge may not be possible and in this regard a supplement also provides lutein benefits. Pill popping randomly however is not the right approach; the advice is to follow doctor’s orders and take the right dose.

As we age, the eyes feel the strain and anyone over 40 or 50 may experience age related eye ailments. There is considerable research and adequate proof that this natural remedy improves the quality of your sight. Cataracts and macular degeneration are prevented from forming in the elderly if they include the right amount of carotenoids in their diet.

As the dark green vegetable improves and hydrates the elasticity of the skin, there is almost no damage as we age. Lipids, fats and oils secreted in the body are prevented from peroxidation. The antioxidant also acts as precautionary and preventive measure in protecting the skin caused by harmful UV rays and a variety of pollutants noticeably in the air.

The heart also enjoys tremendous lutein benefits as it prevents any plaque building up and causing blockages to the arteries. In fact, it also slows down the process considerably of atherosclerosis. The basic fact therefore as detailed on the website is that including the natural foodstuffs in our diet plan, weighs heavily on how we want our bodies to work.
The obvious route to follow would be to include the right mix on the plate every day. Without the right food, skin will suffer, weight piles on, stress is at an all time high, age creeps up faster, depression takes center stage, the eyes suffer as do the rest of the organs in the body. Supplements from a reliable source will also give you the boost if you are unable to buy the natural products.

Science Behind Lutein Supplements

It is a well-known fact that lutein is one the nutrients that are essential for good vision and eye health. It is a xanthophyll and one of the 600 naturally occurring carotenoids. Although it is produced in leafy vegetable and other plants, it is very difficult to calculate exactly how much lutein is absorbed by the body. In this case, taking lutein supplements in the form of capsules can be very helpful especially if you are suffering from any vision related problems.

There are two important functions of lutein in humans:

i. A high energy blue light filter

ii. An antioxidant that scavenges and quenches photo induced reactive oxygen species (ROS)

As mentioned earlier lutein is very good for vision, hence the consumption of lutein supplements is inversely proportionate to eye-related disease such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and also cataracts, in some cases. There is evidence that lutein along with zeaxanthin are deposited in the eye lens and an area of the retina macula lutea, which is responsible for high acuity and central vision. Studies have shown that there is an increase in macular pigmentation and a reduction in ocular diseases in individuals who consume lutein supplements on a daily basis.

Crystalline lutein can be absorbed into the bloodstream readily, whereas lutein esters require a process of de-esterification by enzymes in the intestine. As compared to hydrocarbon carotenoids that can be found mainly in the LDL fraction, xanthophylls such as lutein and zeaxanthin is incorporated in both the HDL and LDL.

Lutein can be introduced into the diet in various ways. However, consuming it as a capsule is the most preferred way as the exact amount that is consumed can be known. Various animal toxicity tests have been carried out on this supplement before it was deemed as a safe nutrient. With the help of these tests, the purified crystalline form of lutein was classified as GRAS (generally recognised as safe). The observed safety levels (OSL) for lutein in the body is around 20 mg/day; however, some studies have also shown higher amounts without any adverse effects. The achievement of this GRAS status is a testament to the quality and the safety of purified lutein and hence it can be taken as a supplement in the form of capsules or can also be introduced in other foods and drinks to increase the nutritional value of that food.

Due to the various uses for this supplement for improvement of vision, lutein supplements have become a hot topic in most ophthalmology studies.

Anti-Oxidants can protect the eyes from age related degeneration

Globally, there is a rise in chronic disease as a result of the increase in the number of senior citizens. Although certain aspects of chronic disease are still obscure, researchers are confident that the chief cause of these chronic ailments is oxidative stress. How does this process take place?

Our bodies use oxygen for many vital functions. Although life is sustained by oxygen, chemical reactions involving oxygen produce free radicals, a class of molecules that can cause significant damage to the body. As these free radicals have unpaired electrons, they become stable by taking an electron from another molecule and making that molecule a free radical. The same process continues as each free radical becomes stable by creating more free radicals. As a result of this process, the cells in the body get damaged, leading to many chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer.

Anti-oxidants are compounds that neutralize these free radicals and as a result, prevent oxidative stress. Owing to this particular feature, health professionals are recommending a diet rich in anti-oxidants to avoid chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

The eyes are also damaged by oxidative stress. Two of the most common chronic ailments of the eyes are cataracts and macular degeneration. A cataract is a cloudy area on the lens of the eye that is formed when oxidative stress causes the proteins of the eye to cluster on the lens. If left untreated, it can lead to blindness. In macular degeneration, the macula, the small central area of the retina, becomes damaged as a result of aging. As the macula enables us to view the fine details of objects, the consequence of macular degeneration is a loss in the ability to perform tasks like reading and watching television.

Fortunately, many anti-oxidants present not only in food but also in nutritional supplements can fight the oxidative stress and as a result, prevent conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts from occurring. The list below describes these anti-oxidants.

The Zeaxanthin and Lutein benefit is that the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration can be reduced. Both these compounds are present in significant amounts in the macula.

Vitamin E: There is considerable evidence that Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant, can reduce the damage caused by free radicals and as a result, reduce the effects of aging. The degenerative conditions of the eyes can be prevented by consuming adequate amounts of this Vitamin.

Zinc: By enhancing the absorption of Vitamin A, a nutrient responsible for keeping the cornea healthy, zinc is a necessary component of a diet that boosts eye health.

It is recommended that the public includes these anti-oxidants as a regular part of the diet to improve eye health.

Top Myths about Causes of a Sagging Face

There is hardly anyone who feels attractive when her skin droops and her cheeks seem to be hanging. When your skin sags, it is a sure symptom of aging and many if you may not feel quite comfortable about it. However, there are several myths about the causes of a sagging face that are often found on the net and other sources.

Your face may sag due to excessive running

This is a myth for sure. Running will not lead to the sagging of your skin as your body’s movement does not have any adverse effect on your body’s collagen level. In reality, your facial skin may sag because of two different reasons. When the facial fat is lost and when your body’s collagen level reduces.

Sagging may occur if you sleep on your stomach

There is no truth in this statement at all even though many doctors do not recommend you lie down on your stomach. But when you continue to sleep on your stomach, you might have wrinkles on your face.

Doing facial exercises can lower the chances of a sagging face

This statement is partially true. Facial exercises enlarge your facial muscles’ size and this could reduce your slacking skin to some extent and may also show expression lines according to some medical experts.

Losing weight may make your facial skin sag

This statement is correct since your facial skin gets stretched with that additional padding on your face like in other parts of your body, in case you shed those extra pounds of your body, you will perhaps observe slack jaw, as well as, eye bags. As you start growing older, your skin becomes less elastic. So, when it is stretched out, there is difficulty in its bouncing back in a way it happened when you were younger.

Certain products could help to combat a sagging face.

This statement is correct. It is possible to slow down the process of your sagging face. There are products for increasing the production of your body’s collagen level through fillers, as well as a Vitamin C based serum that can help in restoring the elasticity of your facial skin.

Facial sagging may happen due to getting exposed to sun’s UV rays

Sun’s ultraviolet rays can be harmful, leading to skin damage and your facial skin getting saggy. Overexposure to sun’s rays due to tanning beds may also cause a saggy face. Fillers in Singapore are quite effective when it comes to solving such problems.

Lasers and the Spectacular Transformation of Medicine

The Laser, an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, has become ubiquitous in the medical fields of ophthalmology and dermatology since the first working laser was built in 1960. Its usefulness in other medical streams such as oncology and diagnostics is on the rise and the future of laser based treatments in medicine and surgery looks very exciting indeed.

When one talks about lasers in medicine, the first thought that comes to many people’s minds is LASIK or Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. The surgery involves making an incision in the cornea to create a thin flap on the eye, raising the flap and cutting the tissue beneath the cornea to correct the flaw in the vision. Finally, the flap is repositioned. LASIK and photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), another procedure that uses a laser, are remarkably advanced when compared with radial keratotomy, an older surgical treatment that corrected refractive errors of vision using a diamond knife.

Other uses of lasers in ophthalmology include the reattachment of detached retinas and optical coherence tomography (OCT). The latter is an imaging technique that can produce three dimensional images with a very high resolution. The best part is that these images are produced in real time. An example of the use of OCT is to develop cross-sectional images of the cornea that help ophthalmologists diagnose retinal disease and glaucoma more accurately. In other medical fields, the use of OCT is increasing and it has incredible potential to have a major impact on medicine and surgery in the future.

Lasers are being used in different cosmetic procedures and the scope for new and innovative methods of tackling skin related problems is huge. Even though the consumer might be a bit sceptical about a laser treatment for the face , procedures such as laser resurfacing are increasing in popularity. The technique involved in laser resurfacing involves a controlled burning of the skin, with the laser resulting in the vaporizing of superficial layers of facial skin. Owing to this procedure, wrinkles, lines, acne scars and even precancerous growths are removed. The term “Laser Facial” is used to describe a laser based procedure that provides benefits similar to a regular facial.

Based on the many wonderful applications of lasers in medicine in the last fifty years, we can be sure to witness a spectacular transformation in medicine and surgery owing to new laser procedures.

Discover The Top Merits Of Chemical Peels

Have you ever thought what could be the possible reasons for your skin imperfections? Most of the time, your skin imperfections can be the outcome of the accumulation of dead cells on skin that block the skin pores making it appear dull, patchy, scarred, spotty, aging, acne and damage caused by the sun.

Your facial skin’s dŽcolletage, neck and hands and its appearance can be significantly improved using a chemical peel. Your skin looks tighter, plumper, healthier and smoother after applying a skin peel.

Some of the skin imperfections that can get eliminated or reduced at an aesthetic clinic in Singapore through a skin peel are mentioned below.

* Dark circles around your eyes

* Enlarged pores

* Freckles

* Irregular pigmentation

* Sunspots

* Wrinkles and fine lined

* Scaly, dry skin and rough patches

* Scarring post-acne

* Acne

Skin peel merits

This is a chemical solution that is non-toxic and safe. While applied to the skin, it resurfaces or polishes your skin gently, removing the top layers that got damaged. It stimulates the growth of new cells and production of collagen, effectively revealing younger and fresh looking skin.

* Chemical peels are safe and non-toxic.

* There are different types of skin peel treatments that have been designed according to the skin conditions.

* It can penetrate deep into the skin to smoothen discoloration and rough texture.

* Your skin looks clear and brighter since chemical peels help in stimulating the production of collagen and healthy skin cells.

* It can improve the condition of skin and its texture by removing damaged and dead skin cells.

* It reduces the effects of sun damage, enlarged pores, acne, pigmentation, scars, skin tone that is uneven, dull and sun damage.

* Applying a skin peel can make your skin smoother and fresher looking.

Kinds of chemical peels

Effective skin peel treatments are customized to suit the skin conditions and types of individual clients so that the best possible outcomes are achieved.

Ideally, a skin peel is categorized as deep, medium or light.

Deep chemical peel

It can penetrate the dermis’ lower layer and treat the wrinkles and deep lines effectively along with pigmentation and scars.

Medium skin peel

It can penetrate the dermis’ upper layer and the epidermis and the skin’s middle layer. It is a type of peel that can treat pigmentation, acne scars, acne and deep wrinkles.

Light chemical peel

It removes the skin’s top layer, which is known as the epidermis. It can treat skin dryness, discoloration, age spots and fine lines.

An aesthetic clinic in Singapore can help you cure all these problems with ease.

Pest Control Strategies In Hospitals

Can you imagine the magnanimity of the law suit filed if the condition of a sick patient gets worse because of a failed pest control strategy of a hospital? Nothing can stop such negligence from making it to the headlines. Pest control companies in Singapore have adopted a strategy called Integrated Pest Management to address the menace caused by pests at health care facilities.

IPM is defined as the process of making decisions based on anticipation of pest entry and exercising containment protocols by combining different strategies in order to develop a long term solution.

Hospitals pose a high risk of entry

Pests gain easy access to hospitals from the surrounding environment. Every time a new patient enters the facility, a doorway for pests is also simultaneously opened. Pests can enter the hospital premises from the homes of employees who are facing an infestation. Hospital plumbing systems are over worked and largely ignored till the time they become a serious inconvenience. Pests like rodents and roaches travel through these poorly maintained plumbing lines and gain entry into wards and rooms.

Pest management in hospitals is more challenging

The rate of survival of pests within the walls of a health care facility is high. The building on the whole is warm, foot traffic is high, amounts of food spillage on the floor is high, poor sanitation, many pest-harboring spaces and excess organic waste generation. Structures like heating and plumbing pipes provide the pests with lateral movement while elevators offer vertical access.

Hospitals and health care facilities are open throughout the day and at night which makes implementation of pest control strategies difficult. The regular approach of hiring a pest control agency to fumigate the space is illogical because areas cannot be barricaded.

IPM- the solution

IPM is a unique strategy adopted to tackle pest control in health care facilities. This strategy disassociates areas of the hospital to comparable common regions and implements a similar course of action. For example, the kitchen region of a hospital resembles that of a restaurant and a similar strategy is effective for both. Other areas like corridors, lobbies, vending machines and locker rooms resemble spaces similar to bigger buildings.

Components of IPM

There are six basic components of IPM:



Effective waste management

Structural repair

Limited use of pesticide

Mechanical and biological control

For more information on pest control for hospitals, nursing homes and health care facilities, get in touch with Pest Busters.

What are the signs of termite activity that indicates the need for immediate ant control?

Termites are fond of dark and damp areas to stay and breed. If you suspect that your home has been infested by termites, you must not delay seeking the help of a good pest control company. Unlike tasks related to ant control in Singapore, termite control has to be done with more focus and care because ants can only be a nuisance but termites can seriously impact even the strength of a building. Let us now find out some of the signs that can show you that there is termite activity in your home.

The commonest sign is you will be able to see termite shelter tubes. It is from the ground these tubes originate and they are capable of crossing even barriers like metals caps in the foundation or the walls of a home. These tubes help termites protect themselves from predators. Further, it is in these tubes that termites store their food as well. Thanks to the dark and damp environment in them, termites can develop easily in these tubes.

Subterranean tunnels are another sign that shows that there is termite activity in your home. But only subterranean species of termites make these tunnels. The insects transport the food they collect for storing in these tunnels.

Termites and more specifically, subterranean species are capable of forming their colonies in the root crown as well as the trunks of trees. If you hear a hollow sounding thud near the trees, you can construe that there is termite activity in them.

Another way to find out if there is termite activity in your home is to check if there are mud-like earthern packings in the walls and more particularly, near the joints. Of course, these earthern packings may be quite visible and hence, it may be easy for you to spot them.

Termite noises may be another indication to show that there is termite activity in your home.Â

Termite trappings, otherwise known as frass, can be seen around your home if the termites are very much active in the building. Similarly, you can see discarded wings also because reproductive termites have the habit of taking flight when they look for new places for creating colonies.

If you find that the floors of your home are sagging, you can justifiably suspect that there is severe termite activity in your home. Likewise, if the wooden infrastructure of your home looks as if they are hollow, you can pretty well conclude that the place has been infested by termites.Â

Once you apprehend that there is serious termite activity in your home, you should immediately seek the help of a competent pest control company. In general, companies that undertake tasks related to ant control in Singapore can take up the task of controlling termites also.

Stop the Spread of Malaria and Dengue with Mosquito Fogging

Both Malaria and Dengue are two of the deadliest diseases spread by mosquitoes. Before discussing about mosquito fogging to fight against these diseases, it is imperative to know why Dengue and Malaria are so dangerous for human health.

Dengue fever

This disease is also referred to as break bone fever and is caused due to mosquito infection. When a person suffers from dengue, there is a flu-like symptom. While dengue fever can be mild, it can also reach a severe state. Often, patients have to be admitted to hospitals when they suffer from severe dengue fever. At present, there is no known vaccination to cure dengue. The most preferred solution to stay away from this disease is to ensure that mosquitoes do not bite you. But it is still possible for doctors to treat a dengue patient provided shock syndrome or hemorrhagic fever has not developed.


The disease is again caused when infected mosquitoes bite a person. The parasite that gets created starts increasing in the liver of a human body and eventually damages the red blood cells. It is the female mosquito called Anopheles that cause malaria after biting a person. These mosquitoes are previously infected when they sucked blood of an infected human being.

Since the parasite of malaria grows in an infected person’s red blood cell, the disease can be transmitted when an organ is transplanted or when blood transfusion takes place, it can be also transmitted when needles or syringes are shared that can contaminate even healthy blood.

What is the usefulness of mosquito fogging? Is it essential to get it done through a pest control company?

A reputed pest control company conducts mosquito fogging to counter dengue and malaria. The best part of this activity is it does not harm the human beings. The operation is conducted to stop the increasing cases of dengue and malaria. The objective of a mosquito fogging project is to eradicate adult mosquitoes that cause dengue fever.

A good pest control company knocks down these deadly mosquitoes that carry the malaria or dengue virus. As mentioned earlier, these mosquitoes get infected when they bite and take blood from a patient who is already suffering from Dengue, just like Malaria. In order to stop these infected mosquitoes from transmitting this dangerous disease after biting them, pest control companies apply mosquito fog, especially in areas where the incidents of dengue are alarming. The insecticide that is used for mosquito fogging in Singapore is quite similar to the sprays used for other domestic pest control.

All you need to know about Cockroach Control Methods and Strategies

If you or your family members are seriously affected by problems like salmonella, diarrhea, asthma attacks, etc., your suspicion that there is cockroach infestation in your home may be true. In fact, cockroaches are one of the most hated creatures in the world. People get irritated at the sight of them. Unfortunately, cockroach control is very difficult but if you engage the services of a competent pest control company, you can get these insects eliminated from your building.

The foremost reason for advising you to take immediate steps is that cockroaches can spread serious diseases that include food poisoning. Especially, elders or very young kids in your family may be vulnerable to the diseases that can be spread by cockroaches. 

The problem with cockroaches is that they are highly adaptable. They can even live in very small holes like the cracks in the walls or the wooden infrastructure of your home. They breed rapidly and hence, once a few cockroaches invade your home, you can be certain that they will multiply into unimaginably huge numbers.

Once you are certain that cockroaches have entered into your home, you should carefully keep all the food items closed. You should get in touch with a pest control company without any delay and request them to inspect your house. The professionals of the company will assess the intensity of the infestation and decide on the strategies. 

One of the methods is to spray the right chemicals for eliminating these insects. There are a number of products available in the market and based on the intensity of the problem, the pest control company will decide which chemicals should be used. The main benefit of this method is that this works very quickly. Not only that, this method will not allow the cockroaches to shift from one place to another within your home. The method can be effective for a longer period which means you need not worry about cockroach infestation for a few months or may be, a few years.

Baiting is another method adopted by pest control companies. Nowadays, new formulations have arrived in the market and they are said to be safe as well as effective. These baits act as attractants and so, the insects can be eliminated easily. But over spraying these gel baits may make the cockroaches immune to them.

Using sticky traps is yet another method deployed by pest control professionals. These board traps work just as a fly paper does. The benefit is these traps are safe. But not all types of cockroaches can be eliminated with this method. 

The company you choose for cockroach control will use the appropriate method, depending upon the intensity of the problem.

Drinking water as an antioxidant

What is an antioxidant?

An antioxidant helps in inhibiting the oxidation of other molecules. So, basically an oxidant is a protector molecule. It protects the human cells from damage that may be caused due to the chemical reaction called oxidation that facilitates chain reactions that are very harmful for human cells. Antioxidants may be of two type: the chemical type that is added to food to preserve the food by preventing oxidation, and the antioxidants that are found in the nutrients in our daily diet. The latter is needed for the healthy functioning of the human body.

In biology, the most talked over word is ‘antioxidant’. The pressing question remains: which antioxidant is the best? A water ionizer has the ability to produce the OH-, which contains a very powerful antioxidant. This is mainly because it is the smallest of the elements and hence can penetrate the body very fast. Water in its purest form, such as the water gushing out of glaciers or in lakes has high antioxidant effects. This is mainly because of the velocity at which water moves down the mountains, facilitates the ionization of water, while absorbing minerals at the same time. Izumio drinking water is a very powerful antioxidant.

Water as antioxidant:

There are many types of food that have an antioxidant effects. Such food often forms a major part of the dietary supplements of those who are very conscious about their health. However, hydrating the body with enough water is one way of inhibiting the oxidation process. Thus water is an antioxidant. Doctors are often seen prescribing water along with medicines for digestive problems, irritable bowel movement, diabetes, skin problems, eczema, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, and asthma and even for high stress levels. Water is also good for DNA protection.

Izumio drinking water helps prevent all the above mentioned ailments. It is very important to drink an adequate amount of water every day. This helps to reduce one’s appetite and facilitates metabolism. This in turn helps one to keep in shape and prevent obesity. Apart from this, it helps in better cardiovascular function and keeps the blood pressure in balance. Drinking water rejuvenates the skin and helps in reducing signs of ageing. This is done by removing the free radicals from the body that cause ageing to happen. Hence for all-round functioning of the body, drinking water is important.

What is Worst – Fleas, Flies, Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, or BED BUGS

What’s Worst – Fleas, Flies, Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, or BED BUGS?

You may wonder as to how pests, that are insects of very small sizes, can cause problems to you. But in reality, these insects can not only create nuisance but can create havoc to the health of people and also can damage their property also. If you ask a pest control Singapore cockroach expert , the professional will come out with a long list of pests. But there are a few pests like fleas, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and bed bugs that are the commonest. You may want to know which among these are the most dreaded ones. Let us have a look.


These clawed critters generally dwell in the hair or fur of animals. Fleas can spread a few types of infections because they carry certain disease-causing bacteria. Some of the diseases they can spread are typhus, tapeworm, etc.


These are the commonest among the pests and there may not be any one who has not experienced the nuisance caused by them. These flying insects like dirt the most and therefore, they are capable of carrying disease-causing bacteria. They can contaminate foods and spread various serious diseases.


These are also winged pests and they can spread very serious diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, Encephalitis, etc. They generally breed in stagnant water. They can cause serious harm to the health of people.


Among all the pests, cockroaches are one of the most dreaded ones. Even the sight of a cockroach can irritate any one. Not only that, they are “survivors” and eliminating them is not easy at all. But since they can spread diseases like food poisoning, etc. rapidly, they should be eliminated without any delay.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be a great nuisance to people. In fact, they are also called as sleep-spoilers. Once a home is infested by them, the inhabitants will have a hell of a time. It is not easy to eliminate them also. You have to seek the help of a competent pest control Singapore cockroach expert who is ready to put in focused efforts for eliminating them.

From the above information, it is quite clear that each pest is dangerous in its own way. But if the worst has to be chosen among them, cockroaches top the list. Mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs and fleas follow in the same order.

But irrespective of the degree of harm caused by these pests, they have to be eliminated so you can lead a healthy life with peace of mind.

YA Historical Fiction Challenge

Sabrina from YA Bliss is hosting the YA Historical Fiction challenge for 2011 and, because I’m addicted and will be reading them anyway, I thought I would sign up. I’m going to be doing the Level 3 which is 15 books in 2011, though I’ll probably go way over that. Below are the books I will start with and what era they are set in if I could find it. Also, if you love HF, stick around. During the months February-April I will be spotlighting Historical Fiction stories and authors on the blog.

My Level 3 List:

  1. Wicked Girls by Stephanie Hemphill (Salem 1692)
  2. Wildthorn by Jane Eagland (Victorian England)
  3. Invisible Things by Jenny Davidson (pre-war Europe)
  4. The Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood (unknown)
  5. Prisoners in the Palace by Michaela MacColl (London 1863)
  6. Everlasting by Angie Frazier (San Francisco/Australia 1855)
  7. The Queen’s Daughter by Susan Coventry(England/Sicily during reign of King Henry II, 1154-1189)
  8. Dangerous Neighbors by Beth Kephart (America 1876)
  9. The Invisible Order by Paul Crilley (Victorian England)
  10. Steel by Carrie Vaughn (time travel, unknown era)
  11. The Sorcerer of Saint Felice by Ann Finnin (15th century France)
  12. Annexed by Sharon Dogar (WWII, 1944)
  13. Bright Young Things by Anna Godberson (New York 1929)
  14. A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly (America 1906)
  15. The Twin’s Daughter by Lauren Baratz-Logsted(unknown)

Happy Haul-idays from Chronicle Books!

So, Chronicle Books is hosting an awesome holiday contest that I definitely could not pass up. $500 in books? Of my choosing? Someone catch me, I’m fainting! Well, anyway, here is my list:

The “I Want To Travel To Everywhere” Category:

  • Paris Out of Hand: A Wayward Guide by Karen Elizabeth Gordon
  • City Walks Architecture: Paris by Michael Herrman
  • IDEO Eyes Open: London A Field Guide for the Curious by Fred Dust and IDEO
  • Paris Changing Revisiting Eugène Atget’s Paris: Princeton Architectural Press by Christopher Rauschenberg
  • Sandra Gustafson’s Great Eats Paris 11th Edition by Sandra Gustafson
  • Cities of Europe Correspondence Cards by Laura Tarrish
  • Thirty-Six Views of the Eiffel Tower by Henri Rivière

The “I Want To Be A Craft Person” Category:

  • Curiosities: Vintage-Inspired Adornments for Gift and Correspondence
  • Silhouette Art: Papers, Instructions, and Patterns for Making Modern Heirlooms by Vana Chupp
  • Handmade Hellos: Fresh Greeting Card Projects from First-Rate Crafters by Eunice Moyle

The “Teach Me To Knit In More Than Just A Straight Line” Category:

  • Knit Knack Kit: Simple Instructions and Tools for 25 Terrific Knitting Projects by Kris Percival
  • Winter Knits Kit: Instructions and Tools for 25 Cozy Cold-Weather Projects
  • Winter Knits Kit: Instructions and Tools for 25 Cozy Cold-Weather Projects by Sara Lucas
  • Cozy Crochet: Learn to Make 26 Fun Projects From Fashion to Home Decor by Melissa Leapman
  • Knitting Pretty: Simple Instructions for 30 Fabulous Projects by Kris Percival
  • Cozy Crochet Kit: Simple Instructions and Tools for 25 Terrific Crochet Projects by Melissa Leapman
  • Picture Perfect Knits: Step-by-Step Intarsia with More than 50 Inspiring Patterns by Laura Birek
  • Felted Knits Kit: Instructions and Tools for 15 Fabulous Knitting Projects by Sara Lucas

The “I’m The Baker In The Family” Category:

  • Blackbird Bakery Gluten-Free: 75 Recipes for Irresistible Gluten-Free Desserts and Pastries by Karen Morgan
  • Southern Pies: A Gracious Plenty of Pie Recipes, from Lemon Chess to Chocolate Pecan by Nancie McDermott
  • Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson
  • D.I.Y. Delicious: Recipes and Ideas for Simple Food from Scratch by Vanessa Barrington

The “Because They’re Awesome” Category:

  • Lotta Jansdotter’s Handmade Living A Fresh Take on Scandinavian Style by Lotta Jansdotter

So, that’s my list. You might be wondering why none of these are YA literature. Well, I have plenty of YA literature. (No more shelf space!) I would love to further my other hobbies which, as you may be able to tell, include travel, crafting, knitting, and baking!

My total comes out to: $497.05

You too could win all these books! If you comment and I win, one lucky commenter will win the entire list!

The End

I bet some of you knew this was coming. I mean, it’s sort of obvious from my lack of posts, but in case you have yet to guess: I am done blogging.

It’s not that I don’t want to blog and spread the word about fabulous YA books; it’s more that I can’t anymore.

There is school for me to worry about, as well as other extenuating personal circumstances.

To my readers:

Thank you so much for sticking with me up till now, even when my posting was sporadic at best. Though I may be back when I am done with school (no promises), I would suggest you remove me from your reader. There will be zero posting until at least May. And even then, it depends on how many classes I’ll be taking my first semester of college.

I do not expect you to keep an empty blog in your readers. If you want to stay up to date with me and my life and my possible return, feel free to follow me on twitter: @emilove(changed from @penultimatepage).

To authors, publishers, and publicists:

I sincerely wish I was able to continue reviewing the fabulous titles that you put out. Thank you so much for trusting me to give an honest review thus far. This coming week I will be emailing my contacts and letting them know of my inability to continue reviewing and to stop sending me ARCs.

Any books that I have in my possession and have not reviewed yet (most are unsolicited ARCs), I will eventually write short reviews for, but they will only be posted on Goodreads/Amazon/other bookseller websites.

Again, thank you for everything you have done for me. I would not trade the relationships this blog helped me to build for anything.

All the best,