Discover The Top Merits Of Chemical Peels

Have you ever thought what could be the possible reasons for your skin imperfections? Most of the time, your skin imperfections can be the outcome of the accumulation of dead cells on skin that block the skin pores making it appear dull, patchy, scarred, spotty, aging, acne and damage caused by the sun.

Your facial skin’s d¬écolletage, neck and hands and its appearance can be significantly improved using a chemical peel. Your skin looks tighter, plumper, healthier and smoother after applying a skin peel.

Some of the skin imperfections that can get eliminated or reduced at an aesthetic clinic in Singapore through a skin peel are mentioned below.

* Dark circles around your eyes

* Enlarged pores

* Freckles

* Irregular pigmentation

* Sunspots

* Wrinkles and fine lined

* Scaly, dry skin and rough patches

* Scarring post-acne

* Acne

Skin peel merits

This is a chemical solution that is non-toxic and safe. While applied to the skin, it resurfaces or polishes your skin gently, removing the top layers that got damaged. It stimulates the growth of new cells and production of collagen, effectively revealing younger and fresh looking skin.

* Chemical peels are safe and non-toxic.

* There are different types of skin peel treatments that have been designed according to the skin conditions.

* It can penetrate deep into the skin to smoothen discoloration and rough texture.

* Your skin looks clear and brighter since chemical peels help in stimulating the production of collagen and healthy skin cells.

* It can improve the condition of skin and its texture by removing damaged and dead skin cells.

* It reduces the effects of sun damage, enlarged pores, acne, pigmentation, scars, skin tone that is uneven, dull and sun damage.

* Applying a skin peel can make your skin smoother and fresher looking.

Kinds of chemical peels

Effective skin peel treatments are customized to suit the skin conditions and types of individual clients so that the best possible outcomes are achieved.

Ideally, a skin peel is categorized as deep, medium or light.

Deep chemical peel

It can penetrate the dermis’ lower layer and treat the wrinkles and deep lines effectively along with pigmentation and scars.

Medium skin peel

It can penetrate the dermis’ upper layer and the epidermis and the skin’s middle layer. It is a type of peel that can treat pigmentation, acne scars, acne and deep wrinkles.

Light chemical peel

It removes the skin’s top layer, which is known as the epidermis. It can treat skin dryness, discoloration, age spots and fine lines.

An aesthetic clinic in Singapore can help you cure all these problems with ease.