Simple Steps To Get Kids Energised In The Real World

It is not an easy task keeping kids energized in the classroom or even at home. While many of them are quite happy with their remotes to watch television and probably a Smartphone to keep them geared with something interesting, life is not only about gadgets. Here are simple ways and steps that keep kids energised in the real world (read classroom).

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1. Methodology plays a vital role in keeping kids on the right track in the classroom. In fact, it helps them in the learning curve as they are fed with information right from reading and writing to counting and sums. The way the educator encourages children in the next step towards learning helps the child down the line.
2. Adding something interesting through pictorial content gears anyone to feed off information. Kids always prefer this medium. Take the stage of learning the letter of the alphabet, each letter has a picture to drive home the point associated with the letter. This helps them in wanting to know more and identifying with something that is relevant and not so relevant to the subject.
3. A simple sense of reasoning power harnessed in the classroom by the educator helps children find their favorite subject. While the idea is not to have affiliations toward a subject what constitutes the framework here is a deep sense of reasoning power that is capitalized in the classroom. This ultimately resonates with the mind of the child to get her/him geared towards a deep sense of learning.
4. Some time in the open is another method that has been proven to be advantageous to anyone, more so kids, who need time away from the drudgery of information and studies. As they take in the beauty of nature and her wonder, they learn to adapt their minds towards another element in the pattern of learning.
5. At a nursery school Singapore children are provided with varieties of subjects that energize them to learn and understand more than what is on the plate. Extracurricular programs like craft, art, some exercise, theatre, music, and dance, bring out their hidden talents. Education is not primarily concentrated on subjects, something the other activities also help.

An Overview
Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher. Providing a platform for children is not an easy ride, it takes time, effort and capability to get them to be appreciative and energized to deal with life outside the classroom and home.

Why Tolerance Should Be Encouraged In Every School Today

Practically every single country seems to be going through the rigors of intolerance which seems to be religion-centric. Myriad other factors also contribute to the reasons why intolerance has become a social menace. The preschool education system must ensure that subjects made available to students are not always concentrated on the bottom line. Chiltern House’s website lists out many ways for children to be themselves instead of being influenced by the negativity spewed across various mediums.

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Here are a few reasons why tolerance must be encouraged in every school today.

1. Given the fact that the world has become quite globalized, the need to be understanding towards classmates and peers should be encouraged. If children are expected to deal with negativity in the early years, the seeds of hatred will influence them as they get into the groove of studying.
2. Respect is another social skill that must be driven home with every child. As kids learn to respect their teachers, and the elders they become better people. It does not end there, as they get to be respectful of their peers too, they will stand to gain.
3. The use of language and the mode of speaking should be factored in with care. Kids tend to imitate elders. If the educator uses derogatory language in the classroom or speaks in an obtrusive manner to others, children will pick this up. Therefore, the teacher must ensure that the right methodology is in place and be a good role model.
4. Faith is personal. People tend to identify with others based on their beliefs. From the point of view of a child, it is necessary to make very sure that they are taught to be mindful of the needs of their peers. Providing children with a platform to speak about their cultures, traditions, and beliefs breaks down barriers.
5. Understanding and learning something new every day is the hallmark of the pedagogy. Along the way, social skills and etiquette help kids understand the finer aspects of life away from the medium of learning.
6. Racism seems to be on the rise and curbing this is necessary by starting this from the early years. It keeps kids away from negativity as they better their way of thinking and influence others to be better people.

In a nutshell, it has been proven that the education system has changed over the years. Regular schools must ensure that they bring levels of tolerance in the system. At the end of the day, even if people spew venom, children can set the tone for a better society.

Measures for Hygiene in a Nursery

In a nursery school, it is the job of the teachers to make sure that the environment is hygienic for the child. Proper hygienic control has a great impact on almost everything.

Parents will choose a place where their kids are kept healthy and safe, teachers and staff members want the child to be healthy so that they can be healthy themselves. It is also a child care centers moral as well as legal obligation to ensure that the child is healthy in their institute.

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While it is important that parents start to teach their children about hygiene right from home there are certain precautions that the school needs to take to ensure that the school is hygienic for the child.
Make sure that the entire school is free of pests and is made pest proof.
There should be washbasins present in strategic locations that are clean and safe for the kids as well as the adults to use.
There should always be enough light as well as ventilation for any room in which the children would spend a lot of time.
The school should have a proper system for waste disposal and waste management.
The surfaces around the school should be easy to clean and they need to be cleaned often.
Any dangerous places or something that can cause harm to the child should be blocked off with barriers that are secure.
There should also be a hygienic baby changer in case it is used in your school.

Along with this, it is essential that the school promotes good hygienic habits in their school hence. They can do this by
Encouraging the children to wash their hands often using an antibacterial hand wash or soap.
Ensure that the child knows where waste goes and is able to throw it out when needed. They should also know how to segregate the waste and throw it in the appropriate bins.

In addition, it is important that any child or staff member who is sick and contagious is removed from the other children as that would put the children at risk of getting the illness. Staff members who are sick or have infected wounds can leave the premises and come back once they are better, while sick children should be encouraged to stay home and come home once they are feeling better.
If the manager of the daycare suspects that any area of the school is compromised they should ensure that it is cleaned and decontaminated as soon as possible.

How to Select a Good Guitar for Your Young One?

There are many long-term benefits of selecting a good guitar for your child. Researches done on Neuroscience has proved that when a child learns a musical instrument, they can enjoy an overall development in their social, emotional and cognitive skills as well as better equipped in their fine motor skills. When you select the right guitar for your kid, you are actually paving a way for the success of your child. Check out some of these tips to choose a good guitar for your young one.

Select a guitar type, which interests your kid greatly

Often, young kids who enroll for guitar lesson in Singapore tend to request for a guitar although they are not specific about whether they want an acoustic or electric instrument. However, if these children come up with a specific request or criteria, it makes sense to know what will inspire them to follow their interest and ways of motivating them. There are some kids who appear to be more satisfied when they get a nylon string or steel string acoustic guitar as they are hopeful of getting an electric guitar later on. There are others who feel motivated when they get the instrument they had dreamt of playing. You need to understand their interest and motivation well so that they are successful with their string instrument.

Choose a guitar of the right size

When you get a very large guitar for your kid, they may find it difficult to reach the instrument properly with both their hands. When they have to raise their arms up to the level of their shoulders to access the guitar, playing it can be both painful and uncomfortable. Plus, they are also at an extremely technical disadvantage since their muscles are all stretched out. It becomes tough to move their fingers properly on the guitar’s fingerboard. In fact, your little one will enjoy the learning experience more when you get a guitar of a proper size for them.

Get a guitar, which has been adjusted and inspected properly for convenient playability

When a guitar is unadjusted, your child will find it tough to play, In case your kid has trouble to push the guitar’s strings down for getting a clear note or is unable to play it all, they cannot experience the cognitive merits associated with learning to play the guitar.

When you purchase entry level and cheap guitars, they are typically made of the substandard quality of materials and woods. Your children may not be comfortable in playing them since the strings could be high above their fingerboards. It will need too much force to be applied against their frets. Such low-quality guitars are hardly adjusted or inspected well.

What We Need to Know About Children Learning the Violin

Music is magic. It can be an inspiration, a teacher, a friend, a memory, a story, etc. It is something that can do lots of wonderful things to a person. Music, ever since the beginning, has been loved by almost everyone. For most of us, we expose our children to music at a very young age. We teach them nursery rhymes and some other songs that can be very helpful as they grow. They will eventually come to love it and hearing them sing and memorize those songs are really adorable. Some parents, however, will try to be more advanced and enroll their children to musical instruments classes which is actually fantastic. However, what could really be the advantage of this to children especially to their brain?

In an article by Emily Gersema, we will know the effect music training in the development of a child’s brain.

Children’s brains develop faster with music training

Music instruction appears to accelerate brain development in young children, particularly in the areas of the brain responsible for processing sound, language development, speech perception and reading skills, according to initial results of a five-year study by USC neuroscientists.

The Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI) at USC began the five-year study in 2012 in partnership with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association and the Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) to examine the impact of music instruction on children’s social, emotional and cognitive development. These initial study results, published recently in the journal Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, provide evidence of the benefits of music education at a time when many schools around the nation have either eliminated or reduced music and arts programs. The study shows music instruction speeds up the maturation of the auditory pathway in the brain and increases its efficiency. Read more here 

Now, we have already proven that a child’s brain develop faster with music training. Therefore, it is really beneficial if we let our children join music classes, especially those which would teach them how to play musical instruments. One of the most common instruments that a child would want to learn, aside from the piano, guitar, and drums, is the violin. It is a stringed instrument that produces a very lovely sound. If we want to enroll our children for violin lessons, we must also know first what our child could get from it.

Celia Ang will explain to us further about the benefits of learning violin for children.

Benefits of Learning Violin for Children

Physical benefits

Just by looking at a violinist, you see how many muscles are required even to draw a note. For a child to learn the violin, they will gain strength and flexibility in their upper body. Playing the violin requires more than just strength. Skills and muscle memory will develop naturally over time, further strengthening their arms and fingers. Honestly, it’s a win-win solution! Posture is another significant benefit of playing the violin. Any violin teacher will insist on teaching the correct playing posture to ensure the best results. This can lead to amazing benefits for the child, including a stronger back, shoulders and upper arms. Sitting or standing upright is a given for playing, while their arms and shoulders will bear the weight of the instrument and bow, making it excellent at developing posture. Read more here 

It was good to know about all that! It was actually surprising that learning how to play the violin could actually do as much as that to a person. It is not just learning and being capable of playing. Instead, it is learning, being capable of playing, and having a healthier mind and body. It is easy for adults to get encouraged to learn how to play the violin after reading that article. What is a bit more challenging is to actually get the children to have these lessons. They may not be so interested because they might want to do other stuff which can make them enjoy more.

Austin will try to help us out through his article about how we could encourage children to play the violin.

How to Encourage Children to Play Violin

You may have dreams of your child learning to play the violin and becoming a musical star but your child may think very differently. Whilst most children love listening and dancing to music, learning to play an instrument does not appeal.  First of all, they may feel that toys and other activities are more appealing or they may think that they do not have the ability to play an instrument. It is your job to encourage your child to take up lessons rather than force them too. We take a look at a few tips that may just help sway your child’s opinion. Read more here 

In today’s generation where technology is greatly influencing and getting the attention of children, trying to encourage them to learn how to play a musical instrument could be difficult. One thing that parents should have is patience, because once the child starts to enjoy playing the instrument, it could already be easier from that part on. Forcing them would not be good because if we let them do things that they don’t really like, it would all be useful. Music has something good to do to our bodies and how going for violin lessons could be beneficial for children. If we have to learn together with our children in order to encourage them, then it’s a good thing. You too can be having all the benefits of playing the violin.

Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend Preschool

Preschools in Singapore are designed to set up young scholars for future academic success. Preschools provide the basic foundation that helps your child succeed in the elementary school. The learning process at the preschools is very joyful and entertaining that makes the children learn all the essential skills easily.

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Following are some reasons why your child needs to attend preschool:

1. Opportunity to Grow

Preschool is usually the first experience of children where they come in contact with a teacher. In this experience, they learn different arts that help them in the later stages of their education as well as their professional life. Preschool is their opportunity to learn to share, learn to collaborate, follow instructions and use the instructions with their own creativity to complete the given project.

2. Preparation for Kindergarten

Preschool prepares the children for the bigger challenge that lies in front of them in shape of a kindergarten school. Preschools teach the initial or basic knowledge of subjects that will be taught in the kindergarten schools. However, the teaching is done in a fun environment.

3. Promotes Social Development

Some children are not very socially active and that is why they need to develop some social skills that can help them in the future. Preschools provide children the opportunity to spend some time without their parents and interact with fellow students where they not only make friends but share ideas as well. Besides the social interaction, children also become emotionally attached to each other that promotes emotional development in them and they tend to learn different behaviors.

4. Children Learn to Stay Independent

Since children are not with their parents at a preschool, they grow in confidence that they can tackle the challenges this world puts in front of them. Moreover, they learn to take care of themselves, their belongings and their fellows as well. One of the best aspects preschool is that they have set rules and timings for every activity. Children become more organized and develop rules in their lives that they follow for the rest of their lives.

5. Introduction to Digital World

Most of the children of preschool age are only aware of games and cartoons that they watch either on TV or on a computer. When they reach preschool, they are introduced to the technologies of the digital world that make them aware of the new trends that prevail in the modern era. Moreover, children learn the art of using the technology beyond just for playing games and watching shows.

These are top 5 reasons of why you need to get your child enrolled in a preschool. Preschools in Singapore provide a lot of facilities in a fun environment that prepares the children for advanced level studies and the future as well. The system of preschool education in Singapore includes all the basic things and skills that your child needs to survive in this competitive world. Not only does the preschools in Singapore provide better educational facilities but teach some other skills as well. Music is also an integral part of the curriculum in preschools in Singapore because music brings smoothness in life and teach the children to perform their tasks in a systematic way.

If you want to give your child a strong base of education, you should consider getting them enrolled in a preschool in Singapore to help them grow as a strong mind that can prosper in this competitive 21st century.

Drumming Is Not Rocket Science! Learn Them Now!

Drumming is not a rocket science neither is it magic. As opposed to some haywire myths about drum classes Singapore, the only question I would ask is this: do you want to play the drums?

Before I do otherwise, let me tell you that drumming requires practice. And if you are enthusiastic about it, and have a reasonable sense of rhythm, it can be perfect in no time.

Whether rocket science or not, for you to be successful at anything, you need to understand how that thing works and so it is with the drum.

Get the following step, and you soon become a pro.

Step#1 Ensure You Play with Groups

Identifying those ahead of you in the drum class would go a long way. It is always a good idea to learn what you can from people more advanced than you. I think that applies to all areas of activity.

Let’s go this way. Most musicians are pleased to have a beginner under their wing, or someone at least they show one or two things.

When I started, I had a friend who had a drum set installed in the basement of his parents. He used to play religiously after school, play bumps and compare notes with him. It put in my hands a real long drum set before I could buy one of my own.

If you are involved in any drums lesson singapore, ensure you are committed to it alongside other drummers.

If you are not yet part of any drum class Singapore, and maybe your are afraid of being labeled as “band geek”?

Instead of you to get away, be part of the football team, and do not bother trying to get that drum. Preferably, you can join other groups and yet still have to play the band.

In my school, there was a test room with a drum set up in it; The room was empty. I looked at a lot of drumming lesson Singapore, but after I chased almost a dozen times, I finally gave up searching and decided to settle for any that I could find helpful.

I took care not to violate any time that was legitimately in the music program; I do not mean being selfish and rude here.

(Of course, the music teacher tried in vain to make me learn the basics and join the drumming lesson Singapores school band, which in hindsight would have been an excellent idea, but I only Learn to play Aerosmith songs and to participate in a rock band. To each his own.)

Step #2 Approach it Practically

Okay, once you have got crossed the first step, it’s time to get your hands set on a real drum set so that you can feel the contact of different drums and cymbals. And then? I must say that the next step is as follows:

Learn a necessary punch to play. You can approach this in different ways. I think the most direct and fastest way would be someone who shows a basic rhythm. Make sure you play them slow enough to understand why and how your hands and feet interact.

As a kid, they had these “home” to cheese organs that had an integrated rhythm box, and there was this pattern called Rock 1. It is the backbone of most rock music.

Once you can play a fundamental rhythm, you can go in two directions, progressively change to any direction and pattern you wish. So drumming lessons Singapore is as simple as that.

Here is another useful article on wikihow that gives some insights into how to play drums

Social groups and how playgroups fit into it

Sociology says that there are mainly two kinds of group in a society: primary and secondary groups. A primary group is a small close-knit group with not many members. Family would fall into the category of primary groups. A child is first a part of family and hence is exposed to the dynamics of a primary group from a very young age. A secondary group may be large or small. Members in such groups are not connected personal and may not have a long-lasting relationship. They usually come together because they have a common purpose. A playgroup is an example of such a group. From the family the child goes to the playgroup. Hence the first secondary group that the child is exposed to is the playgroup. Hence it goes without saying that the child is greatly influenced by the playgroup.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could join a group of like-minded parents with children of the similar age group in Mulberry playgroup Singapore?

Many parents have reservations about sending their child to a playgroups. This is because they think that sending their child to any such pre-kindergarten program will make the child stay away from home for long hours (20 to 40 hours) a day, which will have a negative impact on all that the parents have taught their child. However, it has been proven through research that any such idea is not true and that nothing can substantially dilute parental values. It is also true that at home parents cannot provide the child with the wide range of learning opportunities that a playgroup can. This dilemma of whether they want to get the best of an educare program or they want them to spend maximum time at home becomes a source of anxiety for them.

The group in playgroup:

However, the parent has to apply now or RSVP now to playgroup for the betterment of their child. A playgroup is a transition or middle ground between the home and kindergarten. Here the child receives the warmth of home care and at the same time is also exposed to his or her peers and is a part of a social group that is not his or her family.

Here are a few things that one may need to have a playgroup:

A group of like-minded parents with children of the similar age group in playgroup in Singapore .

A place where they can meet and this place should also have a big room to play along with space for outdoor activities.

Some nice assortment of toys for the children to play with.

A fair idea about the developmental needs pf the children who are meeting to play.

Does Lutein Really Help Improve your Eyesight and Cut Back the Years

The time has come where people prefer to eat the right food. Fast food has definitely made its mark felt across the board but an overdose of this causes serious health problems. Over the years with an emphasis made on mixing things up in the kitchen by including fruits, greens and vegetables in the diet many have realized the importance of getting back to basics. By including the carotenoid antioxidant Lutein found in dark green vegetables, red and orange veggies and fruits and eggs, one can actually cut back the years and improve eyesight.

The human body cannot simply adjust itself to this basic diet without the additional add-on of protein, carbohydrates, minerals and many others. Most often than naught having the veggies in the fridge may not be possible and in this regard a supplement also provides lutein benefits. Pill popping randomly however is not the right approach; the advice is to follow doctor’s orders and take the right dose.

As we age, the eyes feel the strain and anyone over 40 or 50 may experience age related eye ailments. There is considerable research and adequate proof that this natural remedy improves the quality of your sight. Cataracts and macular degeneration are prevented from forming in the elderly if they include the right amount of carotenoids in their diet.

As the dark green vegetable improves and hydrates the elasticity of the skin, there is almost no damage as we age. Lipids, fats and oils secreted in the body are prevented from peroxidation. The antioxidant also acts as precautionary and preventive measure in protecting the skin caused by harmful UV rays and a variety of pollutants noticeably in the air.

The heart also enjoys tremendous lutein benefits as it prevents any plaque building up and causing blockages to the arteries. In fact, it also slows down the process considerably of atherosclerosis. The basic fact therefore as detailed on the website is that including the natural foodstuffs in our diet plan, weighs heavily on how we want our bodies to work.
The obvious route to follow would be to include the right mix on the plate every day. Without the right food, skin will suffer, weight piles on, stress is at an all time high, age creeps up faster, depression takes center stage, the eyes suffer as do the rest of the organs in the body. Supplements from a reliable source will also give you the boost if you are unable to buy the natural products.

The End

I bet some of you knew this was coming. I mean, it’s sort of obvious from my lack of posts, but in case you have yet to guess: I am done blogging.

It’s not that I don’t want to blog and spread the word about fabulous YA books; it’s more that I can’t anymore.

There is school for me to worry about, as well as other extenuating personal circumstances.

To my readers:

Thank you so much for sticking with me up till now, even when my posting was sporadic at best. Though I may be back when I am done with school (no promises), I would suggest you remove me from your reader. There will be zero posting until at least May. And even then, it depends on how many classes I’ll be taking my first semester of college.

I do not expect you to keep an empty blog in your readers. If you want to stay up to date with me and my life and my possible return, feel free to follow me on twitter: @emilove(changed from @penultimatepage).

To authors, publishers, and publicists:

I sincerely wish I was able to continue reviewing the fabulous titles that you put out. Thank you so much for trusting me to give an honest review thus far. This coming week I will be emailing my contacts and letting them know of my inability to continue reviewing and to stop sending me ARCs.

Any books that I have in my possession and have not reviewed yet (most are unsolicited ARCs), I will eventually write short reviews for, but they will only be posted on Goodreads/Amazon/other bookseller websites.

Again, thank you for everything you have done for me. I would not trade the relationships this blog helped me to build for anything.

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