Stop the Spread of Malaria and Dengue with Mosquito Fogging

Both Malaria and Dengue are two of the deadliest diseases spread by mosquitoes. Before discussing about mosquito fogging to fight against these diseases, it is imperative to know why Dengue and Malaria are so dangerous for human health.

Dengue fever

This disease is also referred to as break bone fever and is caused due to mosquito infection. When a person suffers from dengue, there is a flu-like symptom. While dengue fever can be mild, it can also reach a severe state. Often, patients have to be admitted to hospitals when they suffer from severe dengue fever. At present, there is no known vaccination to cure dengue. The most preferred solution to stay away from this disease is to ensure that mosquitoes do not bite you. But it is still possible for doctors to treat a dengue patient provided shock syndrome or hemorrhagic fever has not developed.


The disease is again caused when infected mosquitoes bite a person. The parasite that gets created starts increasing in the liver of a human body and eventually damages the red blood cells. It is the female mosquito called Anopheles that cause malaria after biting a person. These mosquitoes are previously infected when they sucked blood of an infected human being.

Since the parasite of malaria grows in an infected person’s red blood cell, the disease can be transmitted when an organ is transplanted or when blood transfusion takes place, it can be also transmitted when needles or syringes are shared that can contaminate even healthy blood.

What is the usefulness of mosquito fogging? Is it essential to get it done through a pest control company?

A reputed pest control company conducts mosquito fogging to counter dengue and malaria. The best part of this activity is it does not harm the human beings. The operation is conducted to stop the increasing cases of dengue and malaria. The objective of a mosquito fogging project is to eradicate adult mosquitoes that cause dengue fever.

A good pest control company knocks down these deadly mosquitoes that carry the malaria or dengue virus. As mentioned earlier, these mosquitoes get infected when they bite and take blood from a patient who is already suffering from Dengue, just like Malaria. In order to stop these infected mosquitoes from transmitting this dangerous disease after biting them, pest control companies apply mosquito fog, especially in areas where the incidents of dengue are alarming. The insecticide that is used for mosquito fogging in Singapore is quite similar to the sprays used for other domestic pest control.