What are the signs of termite activity that indicates the need for immediate ant control?

Termites are fond of dark and damp areas to stay and breed. If you suspect that your home has been infested by termites, you must not delay seeking the help of a good pest control company. Unlike tasks related to ant control in Singapore, termite control has to be done with more focus and care because ants can only be a nuisance but termites can seriously impact even the strength of a building. Let us now find out some of the signs that can show you that there is termite activity in your home.

The commonest sign is you will be able to see termite shelter tubes. It is from the ground these tubes originate and they are capable of crossing even barriers like metals caps in the foundation or the walls of a home. These tubes help termites protect themselves from predators. Further, it is in these tubes that termites store their food as well. Thanks to the dark and damp environment in them, termites can develop easily in these tubes.

Subterranean tunnels are another sign that shows that there is termite activity in your home. But only subterranean species of termites make these tunnels. The insects transport the food they collect for storing in these tunnels.

Termites and more specifically, subterranean species are capable of forming their colonies in the root crown as well as the trunks of trees. If you hear a hollow sounding thud near the trees, you can construe that there is termite activity in them.

Another way to find out if there is termite activity in your home is to check if there are mud-like earthern packings in the walls and more particularly, near the joints. Of course, these earthern packings may be quite visible and hence, it may be easy for you to spot them.

Termite noises may be another indication to show that there is termite activity in your home.Â

Termite trappings, otherwise known as frass, can be seen around your home if the termites are very much active in the building. Similarly, you can see discarded wings also because reproductive termites have the habit of taking flight when they look for new places for creating colonies.

If you find that the floors of your home are sagging, you can justifiably suspect that there is severe termite activity in your home. Likewise, if the wooden infrastructure of your home looks as if they are hollow, you can pretty well conclude that the place has been infested by termites.Â

Once you apprehend that there is serious termite activity in your home, you should immediately seek the help of a competent pest control company. In general, companies that undertake tasks related to ant control in Singapore can take up the task of controlling termites also.