Top Myths about Causes of a Sagging Face

There is hardly anyone who feels attractive when her skin droops and her cheeks seem to be hanging. When your skin sags, it is a sure symptom of aging and many if you may not feel quite comfortable about it. However, there are several myths about the causes of a sagging face that are often found on the net and other sources.

Your face may sag due to excessive running

This is a myth for sure. Running will not lead to the sagging of your skin as your body’s movement does not have any adverse effect on your body’s collagen level. In reality, your facial skin may sag because of two different reasons. When the facial fat is lost and when your body’s collagen level reduces.

Sagging may occur if you sleep on your stomach

There is no truth in this statement at all even though many doctors do not recommend you lie down on your stomach. But when you continue to sleep on your stomach, you might have wrinkles on your face.

Doing facial exercises can lower the chances of a sagging face

This statement is partially true. Facial exercises enlarge your facial muscles’ size and this could reduce your slacking skin to some extent and may also show expression lines according to some medical experts.

Losing weight may make your facial skin sag

This statement is correct since your facial skin gets stretched with that additional padding on your face like in other parts of your body, in case you shed those extra pounds of your body, you will perhaps observe slack jaw, as well as, eye bags. As you start growing older, your skin becomes less elastic. So, when it is stretched out, there is difficulty in its bouncing back in a way it happened when you were younger.

Certain products could help to combat a sagging face.

This statement is correct. It is possible to slow down the process of your sagging face. There are products for increasing the production of your body’s collagen level through fillers, as well as a Vitamin C based serum that can help in restoring the elasticity of your facial skin.

Facial sagging may happen due to getting exposed to sun’s UV rays

Sun’s ultraviolet rays can be harmful, leading to skin damage and your facial skin getting saggy. Overexposure to sun’s rays due to tanning beds may also cause a saggy face. Fillers in Singapore are quite effective when it comes to solving such problems.