Why Tolerance Should Be Encouraged In Every School Today

Practically every single country seems to be going through the rigors of intolerance which seems to be religion-centric. Myriad other factors also contribute to the reasons why intolerance has become a social menace. The preschool education system must ensure that subjects made available to students are not always concentrated on the bottom line. Chiltern House’s website lists out many ways for children to be themselves instead of being influenced by the negativity spewed across various mediums.

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Here are a few reasons why tolerance must be encouraged in every school today.

1. Given the fact that the world has become quite globalized, the need to be understanding towards classmates and peers should be encouraged. If children are expected to deal with negativity in the early years, the seeds of hatred will influence them as they get into the groove of studying.
2. Respect is another social skill that must be driven home with every child. As kids learn to respect their teachers, and the elders they become better people. It does not end there, as they get to be respectful of their peers too, they will stand to gain.
3. The use of language and the mode of speaking should be factored in with care. Kids tend to imitate elders. If the educator uses derogatory language in the classroom or speaks in an obtrusive manner to others, children will pick this up. Therefore, the teacher must ensure that the right methodology is in place and be a good role model.
4. Faith is personal. People tend to identify with others based on their beliefs. From the point of view of a child, it is necessary to make very sure that they are taught to be mindful of the needs of their peers. Providing children with a platform to speak about their cultures, traditions, and beliefs breaks down barriers.
5. Understanding and learning something new every day is the hallmark of the pedagogy. Along the way, social skills and etiquette help kids understand the finer aspects of life away from the medium of learning.
6. Racism seems to be on the rise and curbing this is necessary by starting this from the early years. It keeps kids away from negativity as they better their way of thinking and influence others to be better people.

In a nutshell, it has been proven that the education system has changed over the years. Regular schools must ensure that they bring levels of tolerance in the system. At the end of the day, even if people spew venom, children can set the tone for a better society.