Drumming Is Not Rocket Science! Learn Them Now!

Drumming is not a rocket science neither is it magic. As opposed to some haywire myths about drum classes Singapore, the only question I would ask is this: do you want to play the drums?

Before I do otherwise, let me tell you that drumming requires practice. And if you are enthusiastic about it, and have a reasonable sense of rhythm, it can be perfect in no time.

Whether rocket science or not, for you to be successful at anything, you need to understand how that thing works and so it is with the drum.

Get the following step, and you soon become a pro.

Step#1 Ensure You Play with Groups

Identifying those ahead of you in the drum class would go a long way. It is always a good idea to learn what you can from people more advanced than you. I think that applies to all areas of activity.

Let’s go this way. Most musicians are pleased to have a beginner under their wing, or someone at least they show one or two things.

When I started, I had a friend who had a drum set installed in the basement of his parents. He used to play religiously after school, play bumps and compare notes with him. It put in my hands a real long drum set before I could buy one of my own.

If you are involved in any drums lesson singapore, ensure you are committed to it alongside other drummers.

If you are not yet part of any drum class Singapore, and maybe your are afraid of being labeled as “band geek”?

Instead of you to get away, be part of the football team, and do not bother trying to get that drum. Preferably, you can join other groups and yet still have to play the band.

In my school, there was a test room with a drum set up in it; The room was empty. I looked at a lot of drumming lesson Singapore, but after I chased almost a dozen times, I finally gave up searching and decided to settle for any that I could find helpful.

I took care not to violate any time that was legitimately in the music program; I do not mean being selfish and rude here.

(Of course, the music teacher tried in vain to make me learn the basics and join the drumming lesson Singapores school band, which in hindsight would have been an excellent idea, but I only Learn to play Aerosmith songs and to participate in a rock band. To each his own.)

Step #2 Approach it Practically

Okay, once you have got crossed the first step, it’s time to get your hands set on a real drum set so that you can feel the contact of different drums and cymbals. And then? I must say that the next step is as follows:

Learn a necessary punch to play. You can approach this in different ways. I think the most direct and fastest way would be someone who shows a basic rhythm. Make sure you play them slow enough to understand why and how your hands and feet interact.

As a kid, they had these “home” to cheese organs that had an integrated rhythm box, and there was this pattern called Rock 1. It is the backbone of most rock music.

Once you can play a fundamental rhythm, you can go in two directions, progressively change to any direction and pattern you wish. So drumming lessons Singapore is as simple as that.

Here is another useful article on wikihow that gives some insights into how to play drums