Social groups and how playgroups fit into it

Sociology says that there are mainly two kinds of group in a society: primary and secondary groups. A primary group is a small close-knit group with not many members. Family would fall into the category of primary groups. A child is first a part of family and hence is exposed to the dynamics of a primary group from a very young age. A secondary group may be large or small. Members in such groups are not connected personal and may not have a long-lasting relationship. They usually come together because they have a common purpose. A playgroup is an example of such a group. From the family the child goes to the playgroup. Hence the first secondary group that the child is exposed to is the playgroup. Hence it goes without saying that the child is greatly influenced by the playgroup.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could join a group of like-minded parents with children of the similar age group in Mulberry playgroup Singapore?

Many parents have reservations about sending their child to a playgroups. This is because they think that sending their child to any such pre-kindergarten program will make the child stay away from home for long hours (20 to 40 hours) a day, which will have a negative impact on all that the parents have taught their child. However, it has been proven through research that any such idea is not true and that nothing can substantially dilute parental values. It is also true that at home parents cannot provide the child with the wide range of learning opportunities that a playgroup can. This dilemma of whether they want to get the best of an educare program or they want them to spend maximum time at home becomes a source of anxiety for them.

The group in playgroup:

However, the parent has to apply now or RSVP now to playgroup for the betterment of their child. A playgroup is a transition or middle ground between the home and kindergarten. Here the child receives the warmth of home care and at the same time is also exposed to his or her peers and is a part of a social group that is not his or her family.

Here are a few things that one may need to have a playgroup:

A group of like-minded parents with children of the similar age group in playgroup in Singapore .

A place where they can meet and this place should also have a big room to play along with space for outdoor activities.

Some nice assortment of toys for the children to play with.

A fair idea about the developmental needs pf the children who are meeting to play.